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Access to Language Studies is celebrating 20 years of providing the best educational opportunities to international students. We are transforming our focus away from the average international summer program to continue to impact students’ lives in a unique way that is both fun and educational.

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Virtual Summer Camps

You can take classes online from the comfort and safety of your own home! Our programs will be more than just your average online lessons. They will be real virtual summer camps!

Study daily in a structured, lively format

Make new friends from around the world

Improve language, academic skills and cultural awareness

All from the comfort of home!

Taught by Enthusiastic and Experienced Instructors

Our highly-trained instructors will not only challenge you, but take the time to get to know you as they lead your class with live interactive lessons. Experience a new way of learning and having fun at the same time with cultural workshops, independent and group studies, and impressive virtual field trips. This is a unique opportunity to meet and learn with other students from around the world.

Experience a new way of learning through impressive virtual field trips.

Free Office 365 subscription for the entire year of 2020!

Enhance your communication skills and cultural awareness to succeed in today’s global community.


Access America

Access America is an online enrichment program that provides a forum for American and international students (high intermediate or advanced English levels) to pursue educational opportunities not typically available at schools.
Students aged 12-15 or 16-19, will be able to dive deeper into the topics of their choosing including Environmental Science, Creative Writing, Film Production, Music History, US College Preparation, Art Appreciation, and Personal Finance.


Access Summer Academy

Access Summer Academy is an online academic program for international students that digitally duplicates our traditional programs offered during the summers at Tufts University in Boston and St. John’s University in New York City.
This interactive program will provide a forum for students to improve their English language skills while virtually exploring the American culture, particularly in the two great cities of Boston and New York. Classes are divided by age group (12-14, 15-17, 18-22) and language ability.

I spent two weeks with Access to Language Studies in Boston. It’s fantastic!

Luciano, Italy

I think the program is very good. I learned and practiced my English.

Carolina, Dominican Republic

Incredible! The best vacation I’ve ever had!

Tatianna, Brazil

Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills today.

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Agents: Get in Touch!

We realize that the last few months have been challenging for everyone, and for our agents, as well. This summer, we are transforming so we can continue to impact students’ lives in a unique way that is both educational and fun. While our competitors only provide standard online lessons, our two unique programs will meet the needs of our students and feel like VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMPS!
Developed by our talented team of educators with the goal of not only providing our students with fun and educational opportunities, it is our hope to support our agent partners to continue their success as well in these unprecedented times.
Please contact us about ways we can work together to enroll your students in our exciting new programming and to learn more about how that will benefit you by clicking the link below.