10 Benefits of Attending a Summer Study Program for English Learning

If you want to learn English, the best way is by fully immersing yourself in the experience. To do this, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and get ready for an experience of a lifetime. 

Studying abroad through a summer study program can help you grow a stronger connection with the language and learn more about yourself as an individual. 

The best part about a summer study program is that you don’t have to leave for an entire year or quarter. Summer study programs provide an accelerated version of this experience and include the same advantages of immersing yourself in a foreign country.

Here are 10 benefits to consider this alternative:

Explore new places

When you sign up for a summer study program, you have the opportunity to explore everything around you. From visiting neighboring cities to checking out historical landmarks, you’ll never run out of new things to do once you’re there.

Make friendships that last a lifetime

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go at it alone! You’ll have classmates sometimes from all around the world that are going through the same experiences as you that you can explore with on the weekdays or grab a bite to eat with after class. 

Those friends you make during your time in the program are friends that will stick with you forever. Plus, most summer study programs have organized activities that provide you with a chance to connect with others outside of class. 

Try new foods 

The food is one of the best parts of going to another country! You’ll get to explore new flavors and expand your palate. 

If you’re set on learning English in New York City, make sure you grab a slice of pizza after class and a bagel on your way there to live like a true New Yorker!

Opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture

When you travel to an English-speaking country to study English, you have a unique chance to immerse yourself in the culture and get more out of the experience. 

Through learning more about their beliefs, perspectives, and way of life, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the English language and feel more connected to the culture once it’s time to go home. 

Impress your future employers and

A Summer study program looks great on any resume. Employers often believe international experience is important during recruitment. It shows that you know how to adapt to new situations, you’re open-minded, and you’re working towards becoming bilingual. This type of competitive advantage in the job market will help guide you to bigger and better job opportunities later down the line. 

Networking opportunities

Every friendship you make is a networking opportunity. You truly never know where everyone will end up in life. The relationships you make during your time are an invaluable resource that can help you later down the line when you’re applying for jobs or looking for new opportunities. 

Be more independent 

Leaving your home to explore a new country for a few weeks or summer can be daunting. You may feel lonely or homesick, but every feeling you have is helping you grow as an individual and help you be more independent. If you can go off and live in a different country alone for a summer, you can do almost anything after that. 

Gain confidence 

The type of personal growth you’ll receive from studying another language in a different country is unmatched and will help you grow in new and exciting ways. One study showed that 96% of students saw an increase in self-confidence that was attributed to their study abroad experience. 

As you take on a new language, learn new things about yourself, you’ll grow significantly. When it’s time to head home, you won’t be the same person you once were, and that’s never a bad thing! 

Create memories that last a lifetime

This experience is something you’ll never forget. The people you meet, the food you eat, and the challenges you face as you take on a new language on your own. Every moment will stay with you for years to come.

Grow a newfound appreciation of your home

Once the summer study session is over and it’s time to head home: it will be a bittersweet moment. 

But don’t worry, once you arrive back home, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for your home. You’ll remember how great all of the foods your family makes that you missed, and you’ll start to notice new things about your culture that you appreciate.

Summer study sessions are an eye-opening experience that will help you grow as an individual, set you on the path of success, and allow you to learn new things about yourself. 

If you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in another culture and improve your English language skills: we encourage you to sign up for our Summer Vacation Study Program in New York City

You’ll get to experience the hustle and bustle of the city, try foods you’ve never had before and make friends you’ll know forever. We offer two, three, and four-week programs that can help you get the most out of your experience abroad and allow you to head back home with a new language under your belt!

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