5 Helpful Tips to Learn English Quickly

Are you trying to learn English but just don’t have time to sit down and study every day? Here are 5 of the best tips to help you learn English quicker and have fun doing so.

1. Watch videos you’re interested in on YouTube in English

Whatever your hobbies and interests are, you can be sure that someone on YouTube makes videos about them. Try looking up something that interests you and watching it in English. You may need to turn on the subtitles early on in your English learning journey, but soon you won’t even need them.

2. Read everything around you

Are there random books, magazines, documents, or any other English printed items lying around your house? Start picking them up and reading through them. You will pick up all kinds of new vocabulary, just make sure you have your dictionary on hand so you can look up the meanings of new words that you find.

3. Have a conversation with a friend

Do you have a friend or acquaintance that speaks English? Simply sit down and have a friendly conversation with them in English. This is one of the best ways to practice speaking English because you do not need to worry about embarrassing yourself when you stumble on your words or use a word improperly because it is just a friendly conversation with no pressure.

4. Write letters or emails to friends and family

One way to practice your English writing is to write letters or emails to your friends and family. Everyone likes receiving mail or emails from someone they know. It lets them know that you were thinking about them. If the person you are writing to does not speak English, write in their native language first, then translate the entire message into English on the back of the letter or bottom of the email. This will be great practice for you and will brighten the day of the person receiving the letter.

5. Keep a notebook with you at all times to take notes

It is important to keep a notebook with you when you go out so you can write down new vocabulary words that you see and hear throughout the day so you can look up what they mean when you get back home. Writing down the words that you run into throughout the day will help you to expand your own English vocabulary.

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