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One-to-One Tutoring

Practice Makes Perfect

Featuring one-to-one homework support, test preparation and supplemental learning, our tutoring program is geared toward students who need a more specialized, supportive environment to meet their educational goals.

Improve your English language skills with your very own tutoring sessions built around your needs.

Discounted packages of 10, 20 and 40 lessons available


Improve your English language skills with your very own tutoring sessions, based on your needs. Work with our enthusiastic and experienced instructors who will not only challenge you, but take the time to get to know you during live and interactive tutoring sessions. This is a unique opportunity to learn English in a one-to-one environment!


  • Homework Assistance
  • Work Preparation/Review
  • Test Preparation Review
  • Brush-up Tutoring
  • Private lessons one-to-one for teens and adults, including executives



  • Students will work with their instructor based on their individualized learning needs and interests
  • Sessions are scheduled for client/teacher based on preference/availability



To provide the best learning experience for our students we offer our lessons during afternoon/evening  hours in their home country, when possible. Our staff will work with you to figure out the best dates and times to meet, based on the tutoring package you select.

Our Story

Our company was founded in 2000 by two dynamic professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the foreign language educational industry. Based on our founding principles, ACCESS TO LANGUAGE STUDIES continues to maintain its mission of excellence by offering personalized contact with our agents and students. We attribute our success to keeping our company relatively small, where our clients know they can rely on a close and personable contact with all of our staff. Our mission is to provide international students challenging and valuable opportunities to learn and enhance their linguistic, academic and cultural knowledge. The ability to understand different cultures and communicate effectively opens endless opportunities in today’s global community. Acquiring a second language enhances every aspect of the learning experience, expands one’s global awareness and develops an international perspective. ACCESS TO LANGUAGE STUDIES helps you get a jump on a lifetime of adventure and learning.


World-Class Teachers and Staff

The staff and faculty members in our programs are highly qualified, friendly and accessible. Their experience and global mind-set provide students with an ideal environment for culture and language studies, and each student’s progress is supervised and monitored with individual attention.


Price per lesson (55 minutes) = US$60

1 Lesson US$60
10 Lesson Package US$600 US$540
20 Lesson Package US$1,200 US$960
40 Lesson Package US$2,400 US$1,680

Each tutoring session includes 55 minutes of ESL instruction per day and a curriculum based around the needs of the student.

Upon signing up for tutoring, students will be asked to complete a quick survey and placement test. This allows for tutor matching as well as for the tutor to better understand the student as well as their learning needs.

Tutoring sessions are 55 minutes each and you are able to sign up for as many as you’d like! Discounted packages of 10, 20 and 40 lessons are also available.

If you want to buy more than 10 lessons, the best way to do it is to add 10 lessons to your cart and then one. Same thing if you want to purchase more than 20 or 40 lessons. For example, 45 lessons will be 40 plus 5.

When you fill out the Enrollment Form, please use the field “DESIRED STARTING DATE AND TIME” to let us know when you want to start your lessons. Make sure to use the local time in your town and country. We will contact you to confirm the lesson and to give you instructions to login to Microsoft Teams.

Students will work with the tutor to be able to prioritize the areas in which they need improvement as well as select the lesson topics that interest them.

To provide the best learning experience for our students we provide our program during daytime / afternoon hours in their home country. Our staff will work with you and your student to figure out the best dates and times to meet per week based on the tutoring package you select.

Yes, absolutely! You can purchase additional sessions the same way you purchased your initial package of sessions.

Our teachers utilize all the amazing features that Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams has to offer!

Starting at


an hour

*Intensive course also available; Contact Us for Additional Information

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