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Have you thought about outsourcing your EFL department to a native English-speaking service provider in the United States? At Access to Language Studies, we are now offering virtual school support for teachers all around the world!

Access to Language Studies is celebrating 20 years of providing the best educational opportunities to students around the world. At Access to Language Studies, we realize that the last few months have been challenging for schools teachers and families.

School administrators and teachers are constantly searching for technology to support their students through this unprecedented new reality. It is because of this that we are excited to announce an innovative interactive online program to help schools and EFL teachers throughout the world improve their online lessons and get their students excited and engaged in their virtual education.

Do you feel like you lack the technology and software to fully engage your students in virtual learning?

Our team will customize a program based on the needs of your students and teachers to enhance your students’ learning experience.


Bring the world into your school!

Simultaneously improve the English language teaching skills of your school’s teachers and the English language skills of your students!

Working with our enthusiastic staff and experienced instructors, your teachers will learn industry-leading EFL instructional strategies as well as classroom activities. Your teachers will master how to best implement and benefit from the use of educational technology.

This is a unique opportunity to train your teachers in how to teach in the virtual world and for your students to grow as English learners!



Train your teachers in industry leading EFL instructional strategies and classroom activities as well as how to best implement lessons in a virtual classroom setting.



Online Platform: Microsoft Teams Supplemental
Learning Platforms: Nearpod; Microsoft Whiteboard
Curriculum: Based on the school’s needs

Outsourcing Format FORMAT
School Support Option 1
(Teacher Training)
Students will be taught by their local teacher who has attended our Teacher Training Program, so they are trained to best use our online learning platform.
School Support Option 2
(Teacher Teamwork)
Students will be taught by both their local teacher, as well as an Access to Language English teacher, via a co-teaching model and utilize all of the amazing lessons, virtual field trips, and classroom activities that our online learning platform has to offer.
School Support Option 3
(EFL Outsourcing)
Students will be taught by an Access to Language English instructor and utilize all of the amazing lessons, virtual field trips, and classroom activities that our online learning platform has to offer.


This year Access to Language Studies is celebrating its 20th anniversary in providing engaging and educational EFL lessons to international students! Utilizing our online learning platform our curriculum team has brought the best parts of our in-person summer camps into the digital world.

Our administrative and teaching staff are both highly experienced language and content teachers within the American school system. The staff and faculty members in our programs are highly qualified, friendly, and accessible. Their experience and global mind-set provide students with an ideal environment for culture and language studies, and each student’s progress is supervised and monitored with individual attention.



You absolutely can use your own teachers! We are happy to train your teachers to teach remotely or have one of our experienced instructors work with your teachers to teach your students remotely. Additionally, you have the option to entirely outsource your English classes to us.

Yes, we can. We are happy to provide your teachers with the training on pedagogy, technology, and tools they need to feel confident teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) remotely.

All lessons and training will be in English. If your students require bilingual classes, please consider the teacher teamwork model for your classes.

We offer a variety of teacher training professional development and are happy to work with a timeline that meets your needs.

Our teacher training will take place using Microsoft Teams as our classroom management and videoconferencing platform.



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