Tips and Tricks to Learning English as a Second Language

Learning English as a second language isn’t easy. It can get frustrating, boring, and challenging to commit to learning. 

However, if you do one small thing every day, it can make the learning process more exciting and help you learn quicker.

If you want to commit to learning the language, here’s a list of tips and tricks:

Start reading more

To get better at speaking English, you need to expose yourself to new things. Start reading the news, follow new social media accounts, read your emails, or get into a blog. 

It might not always make sense to you, but don’t let that discourage you. Every day that you read, you’ll understand more and more. 

Keep track of new words

If you run into a word you’ve never seen before, don’t skip over it. Instead, read it, look up the meaning, and write it down in your notes app or a notebook. 

That way, you can learn how to use it yourself in sentences, and you can go back to reference them later. Every time you add a new word, you’ll be expanding your vocabulary. 

Have a movie marathon

Pick a few movies to watch in English, add the subtitles, and grab a bowl of popcorn! 

Actors and actresses are great at expressing their emotions and articulating their words, so they are great teachers to help you learn English.


If you’ve never heard of Scrabble, it’s a board game where each player gets a set of random letters. Everyone needs to use the letters to add new words and build off the words already on the board. 

This game will challenge you, expand your vocabulary, and give you a set of new words you can use!

Learn the slang

Slag is the informal part of the language you won’t always learn from the classes you take. It’s the fun part you’ll experience when conversing with native speakers. 

If you learn the slang first, you’ll have more fun with the language and sound less robotic. 

Travel to an English speaking country

There is no better way to learn English as a second language than to dive straight in, head first. Traveling to an English-speaking country will open your eyes to new possibilities and expand your understanding in ways you didn’t think were possible. 

Socialize with locals, shop their stores, read their magazines, and allow yourself to immerse in the experience of learning English. 

Speak to others in English

Practice makes perfect. Even if you aren’t comfortable speaking English with others, you should always push yourself to try. 

Learning how to communicate with others in English will help you better your skill set and take your understanding to the next level. 

Get into a podcast

An English-speaking podcast will help you experience English on a new level. Every time you jump in the car or commute somewhere, tune into the same podcast. 

It might not make sense at first, but you’ll soon grow an understanding with every episode.

Download an app

Your phone is always with you, so why not use it to help you learn English? There are tons of apps that can help you improve your English speaking skills.

Consider studying abroad 

There is no better experience than studying abroad. You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the culture, the people, and the language. 

You can spend a few months, a year, or just a summer away in an English-speaking country. Throughout your time there you’ll learn new skills that you won’t get anywhere else. 

You’ll get better at learning English as a second language, day by day. Every small change you make in your daily routine will help you get closer to your goals. 

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Throughout your experience, you’ll get to make new friends, explore the city, and learn the English language in a collaborative environment.

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